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Gaita Galega
Palhetas e Palhoes

The Gaita ( Bagpipe )

The origin of this instrument retraces to the time of the Celts, who had very made of the Galiza its home before Christ. With them, the gaita was born and evolved until our days, giving to it a singular image and sound.

The main parts of a gaita are the Chanter, the Bass Drone, the Tenor Drone and the High Drone.

The Design

We have some design types to the choice, being able becoming consonant the taste. Since classic model, to most modern:

Tino Grandío


Currently, it stops beyond traditional wood, as the Boxwood, we according to use tropical wood, that open the fan of choice of the customer, sound that it intends to remove of the instrument, being able to opt between Grenadilla, Cocuswood, Amaranth, Rosewood or Bubinga.

The Bag

This is one of the parts most important of the Galician Gaita.
The Bag, keep the air that enters for Blowpipe for shared it in the distinct sonorous pipes (Chanter and Drones).
Today in day, we can say of a type of bags for all the gaitas, despite also if they can use bags of other materials. Mainly GoreTex, Bannatyne.Also they can be of Goat, Cow calf, Patent Leader.

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